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Lake Champlain

Our lake is the sixth largest natural lake in the United States 100 miles long and 12 miles wide 450 acres. The spring fishing starts with ice out for trout and salmon. Shelburne Bay just two miles away has an easy launch and is one of the top producing area’s for these beautiful fish. When the water warms in June the LCI fishing derby takes center stage. Warm and cold water species can be taken just about anywhere. The fishing pier at the Burlington water front just 6 miles away is an easy and pleasant on shore fishing experience. Or jump on a charter for any type of fish you want to catch. Fall has grown into a huge bass attraction. We have many professional fishing people telling that they haven’t been on any better body of water for bass. Winter brings out the hard water fun. Shelburne Bay offers a great variety. Smelt caught out of a shanty is hard to beat. Perch will fill your pail quick and fry up to a delicious meal. If fishing isn’t your interest pleasure boating on this beautiful body of water is breath taking.
Shelburne Camping Area, Shelburne, Vermont